Compound Interest Calculator - Investment Tool

Current Investment Amount
Annual Return Rate
Investment Length
Contribution Frequency
{{pc.FrequencyLabel()}} Addition
Investment Goal

You invested {{pc.CurAmt | currency:'$'}} in a fund that yields {{pc.Rate == '' ? 0 : pc.Rate}}% a year. If you add an addtional {{pc.Contribution | currency:'$'}} every {{pc.FrequencyLabel2()}} for {{pc.Years}} year{{pc.Years == 1 ? '' : 's'}}, you will end up with

{{pc.Result | currency:'$'}}

That is {{pc.TotalPayment | currency:'$'}} of your contribution and {{pc.TotalInterest | currency:'$'}} investment returns. At this rate, you will not reach your retirement goal of {{pc.Goal | currency:'$'}}! If your goal is to retire with {{pc.Goal | currency:'$'}}, you will achieve it in {{pc.GoalReached}} year{{pc.GoalReached != 1 ? 's' : ''}}.

Year Contribution Investment Returns End Balance
{{Record.Year}} {{Record.Contribution | currency:'$'}} {{Record.InvestmentReturns | currency:'$'}} {{Record.EndBalance | currency:'$'}}
Compound Interest Calculator - Investment Tool
Compound Interest Calculator can determine how much your money can grow based on compounding frequency, number of years, monthly addition, and annual rate.
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